Daily Prompt: Party Animals, aka me vs. going out

Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)
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After spending time with a group of people, do you feel energized and ready for anything or do you want to hide in the corner with a good book?

The question is basically whether we’re introverts or extroverts. (I advise you to read Quiet by Susan Cain if you’re not familiar with these expressions – or just type them in Google, but the book is worth a glance or two.)
Even though that’s the real question behind the question, it’s never quite that easy. We’re complex beings; black and white is not a way to define ourselves. So if we go back to the topic: it depends – on a lot of things.

As for me, I’m the introvert of the introverts, the really typical one. You can barely see me out of my castle (also known as my bedroom). I’m mostly reading/ studying, usually 27 hours a; I bet I would if there were more hours in a day… In the remaining time not spent sleeping, I usually help out my parents and play with my cats. If I don’t HAVE to go out, I’m not tempting fate by going out further than the front yard, and I’m going that far only for the cats.
Of course, I have friends with whom I go out every now and then.  They know I’m not the party animal in their life so they all respect it. Also, if I meet with a friend, I prefer it to be only the two of us so we can actually have proper, long conversations, catching up with the recent life events, enjoying our time together.

As I’ve said before, our personalities are not just black and white, and I’m usually not the life of a party if I attend one by chance – there was a gig I went to that kept me up for three days straight.
The first day and part of the second meant 8-8 hours of traveling to the concert, then back home, but I really didn’t have to spend the night of the concert and the day after it awake. To tell you the truth, it was probably the work of adrenaline. I enjoyed the concert so very-very much; seeing the band I love live made me so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. The memories gave me energy, motivation.
Just thinking back makes me giggle.

I never thought I’d be the one who gets fired up by a gig, being the bookworm I am, but apparently it’s possible. I became a bit different after this; realized it’s not so bad to go out from time to time, so I’m not exactly as bad as I’ve described myself some lines ago. My friends seem to approve of this change.