DPChallenge:Chocolate psyche cupcake

Time for dessert!
– 6 introvert base powder
– 4 curiosity fruit
– chocolate (as much as you’d like)
– life sweetener (I prefer the brand ‘Music and Friends’ but it’s totally up to you)
– 7 book aroma drops
– 3 philosophizing powder
– 5 enthusiasm extract
– just a pinch of self-doubt baking salt

– ‘the blue rose of impossibility’ butter cream frosting
– cute black cat shaped icing
Recommended lace wrappers:
(A.N. :They are usually made out of sarcasm and spider webs but if you’re lucky, you can find some simple, recycled paper ones.)

1. Preheat the oven to 170C(325F).

2. Put all the powders listed above into a big bowl. Make sure not to add too much of the philosophizing powder, it could give some kind of a reaction when mixed with enthusiasm extract. The dough might grow too big and we might hear unexpected, sometimes unwanted facts coming from inside the cupcake.
After taking time to decide how much chocolate you want in your life at the moment – no, don’t. I have to tell you the truth. No matter what amount you decided on, you probably need more than that. Go, get all and every chocolate you can find at home, then cut them to pieces and put them in the now mixed powders.
(None found at home? RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
I mean, to the store, of course.)

3. Get another bowl for the liquid ingredients.
Start with the curiosity fruit, squeeze out all the juice it has and be sure to check what happens with its peel later. You know, just because…it’s fun?
After checking there are no seeds in the juice, put some life sweetener in it. Make it as sweet as you want it to be, though you should be careful; don’t make it too sweet, since you added lots of chocolate before.
Now comes the book aroma and enthusiasm extract. As I’ve mentioned before, you really have to watch out for the quantity. Too much of either of them can cause overreaction, and side effects* for the people eating them. Be sure to add just the amount stated above and everything should turn out alright. Really. It does in most cases.
[*Side effects include: reading too many things in too little time, reading when and/or what you shouldn’t, losing sense of time completely, writing what and when you shouldn’t, be happy about things when you should be doing more important stuff, be happy about these things for day, weeks, sometimes months, etc. Contact the author for more specific details.]

4. After whisking the ingredients from 3., slowly mix it with the powders from 2. Continue until the mixture is smooth, but be sure to not over-mix as it might look and taste like someone else.

5. Spoon the mixture into the paper cases until two-thirds is full. Sprinkle a little of the salt on each of the muffins, then bake them in a preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes. You should be extremely careful with the salt, its side-effects can be disastrous.
Leave the cupcakes to cool slightly in the tray before taking them out to cool completely.

6. While the cupcakes are baking nicely in the oven, you can prepare the butter cream and the other decoration materials. Check if you have enough cupcake wrappers. If not, just run to the closest supermarket. That’s the heart of the cupcake make up. Run, you fool!

7. Now, I hope you made it back just in time so your muffins are still okay and not a burnt pile of mess. (Next time, maybe try to add some positivity seeds in them too.)
I’d write “make sure they are cool enough that the decoration will not melt”, but I’m absolutely sure it’s not needed. You dozed off after all that running, right? It’s okay; at least the cupcakes can be decorated now. Get up, come on. Finish what you started.

8. First, put them in the lace wrappers. Next, add three little blue butter cream petals on each of the cupcakes. The rest of the butter cream should be used as glue for the cat shaped icings.
Carefully, put the cats to their places and try to make to stay there. Not that they ever will, but give some credit for yourself. After all, you did try.

9. Voilà, you’re done. Be happy with your new creation and enjoy every bite.