This blog contains my first attempt in publishing writings online. They might be about my current problems, or purely fictional, a conversation with myself, anything I find good enough to share with the world.

I’m a student in a Hungarian college (in Kaposvár if any of you might wonder about the exact location), and my major has nothing to do with writing. I’m studying chemistry mostly, as my major is Medical laboratory analyzer.
I realized my interest in literature and writing  in high school. I had really awesome teachers there, who I can’t praise and thank enough for helping me as much as they did. I was writing after high school as well but less and less and college became more demanding. As I stated in my first post, I realized this, and became somewhat scared of how things were turning out. As I don’t want to give up the things I like, or the things that are good for me, I started this blog to motivate myself and actually sit down to write… Which I neglected a lot in the last two years. Hopefully, not anymore.
I hope you’ll enjoy my works, any and all kind of creations or random posts, Dear Stranger.
Best wishes! : )

(If anyone has any kind of question(s), feel free to message me: printedcats@gmail.com)


3 thoughts on “About

  1. A while ago now – a long time ago in fact, I went to Lake Balaton, and Pecs, but not to Kapsovar…anyway, it is, or was, a nice part of the world….hope all is well!

    • Don’t worry, not visiting Kaposvár is probably lucky. Pécs is the only city in Hungary I actually came to like. It’s beautiful, alive, full with things to discover. Kaposvár on the other hand… Has some nice fountains and I’m afraid that’s all to it.
      Thanks, all the same to you! Also, thank you for checking out my (yet rudimentary) blog!: )

      • No it is not rudimentary….it is very good. As for Kapsovar, I don’t know….I will take what you say on trust! All best wishes….and look forward to reading the rest of the things you write. 🙂

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